CIRC Cancellation, Postponements & Rescheduling

Unprecented Times...

Dear CIRC members and friends, 

These are unprecendented times in which we are navigating, but we do have a plan for our future CIRC events that are currently on the schedule.

  1. The April 8 membership luncheon is cancelled. Next scheduled membership lunch is May 13.
  2. The April 8 continuing education classes are postponed and will be rescheduled for May 13 (see information below).
  3. The Delaware Division of Professional Regulation has issued a letter regarding real estate license renewals (see information below).
  4. The Monday, June 29 golf outing is currently a go at Hartefeld National Golf Club. We believe is it prudent to await additional event detail confirmations with the Club before we begin sellling our sponsorships and foursomes. We have plenty of time for this, so no need to worry! 

As you are well aware, this is a fluid situation and we will advise you as soon as our logistics are determined.

Thank you for your understanding. Stay healthy and safe,

Rob Stenta, President
Jay White, Vice President
Bart Mackey, Treasurer
Barry Snyder, Secretary

Delaware Real Estate License Renewal

The Division of Professional Regulations posted a letter on their website yesterday which has been emailed (by the Delaware Association of REALTORS) to all licensees regarding its position on license renewals, which are due by April 30, 2020.

Essentially, the letter states that licensees must renew licenses on schedule using the online system. If they did not complete all continuing education by that date, they will need to fill out the online attestation page, which will give them an additional 60 days from the date of the Governor's end of a state of emergency, whenever that occurs, to complete their continuing education. 

A link to the Division of Professional Regulation's letter is included below:

April 8 CE Classes Rescheduled for May 13

Mod. 1 Fair Housing/Ethics/Agency and Mod. 7 Exchanges and Opportunity Zones 

The last two classes of our CE cycle, currently scheduled for April 8, will be tentatively rescheduled to May 13 (Wednesday), along with our next scheduled membership luncheon. 

Please be assured that the classes will absolutely be rescheduled in a manner consisent with the Division of Professional Regulation's letter mentioned above. 

If you decide to take online classes instead, note that typically online classes provide accreditation for only one state at a time, nor can we guarantee a refund at this time.

We are in a fluid situation and will advise as soon as our logistics are determined. We appreciate you patience and understanding.

Continuing Communications:

We will continue to communicate with you via our website's email newsletter system.We also post many of our newsletters and archived presentations in the INFO/Newsletter or INFO/NewsletterArchives tabs of our website. These will soon be updated. Check back if interested or if you do not regularly receive our mailings. 

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