CIRC June 25 Golf Outing - Hartefeld National

CIRC 20th Annual Golf Outing
Hartefeld National Golf Club, Avondale, PA
Monday, June 25, 2018

9:00 Range/Practice Green Open
10:00 Registration
10:30 Lunch
12:00 Shotgun Start - 18-hole Scramble
5:00 * Happy Hour/Cocktails on Veranda *
6:30 * Dinner & Awards Ceremony *

* All are welcome to join us for Happy Hour and Dinner for good post-golf fun, including Beer & Cocktails, Great BBQ Dinner, and lots of Raffle Prizes to benefit our charity, the Delaware KIDS Fund!

Register HERE for Happy Hour & Dinner

CIRC appreciates your support in the form of membership, participation in our events and our annual sponsorship opportunities. 

This is CIRC's 20th Anniversary Golf Outing and we are so happy to have your support! Thank you all!

All Golf Sponsors are recognized below and Golf Foursome Pairings are kept up to date on the ONLINE version of this Golf Newsletter.

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Happy Hour & Dinner Registrants

Dinner with Happy Hour (2 drink tickets included for $60)

Ed Jackson - Affinity Energy Solutions

Lex Petrillo - Long & Foster

Shaila Ritz - Paychex, Inc. (w/Charity Passport)

Bobby Vandenbraak - Bayshore Transportation

Golf Volunteers

Happy Hour Only (2 drink tickets included for $30)

Erik Adams, Waste Industries (Happy Hour)

REGISTER ONLINE - click HERE or follow the link shown below.

Golf Foursome Pairings (updated 6/21)

Foursome names and email addresses for your golfers can be sent to: to be added to the foursomes shown below and for communications as the event nears. 

  1. Martin Architectural (Platinum Foursome)
    1. Jim Riviello – Martin Architectural Group
    2. Melinda McGuigan – EDiS
    3. Drew Romanic, Martin Architectural
    4. Michael Burcham, KCI Technologies 
  2. DSM Commercial Real Estate (Platinum Foursome)
    1. Tripp Way, DSM
    2. Robert Wittig, DSM
    3. Steve Masterson, Waste Masters Solutions
    4. Mark Hutton
  3. Harvey Hanna & Associates (Platinum Foursome)
    1. Ryan Kennedy
    2. Dave Lyons, Lyons Insurance
    3. Bryan Taylor, Leaderboards of America
  4. Buccini Pollin Group (Platinum Foursome)
    1. Andy Coupe, BPG
    2. Emma Cordes (guest)
    3. Brett Mucklow, BPGS
    4. Drago Vasko, BPGS
  5. 44 Business Capital, a div. of Berkshire Bank (Platinum Foursome)
    1. Michael Hahn, 44 Business Capital 
    2. Andy Fox, DSM Commercial
    3. Joe Latina, Patterson-Woods
    4. Mike Cutrona, Citizens Bank
  6. Ross Capital Partners (Platinum Foursome)
    1. Kevin Fasick
    2. Ryan Fasick
    3. Dan McBride, Sovereign Property Management 
    4.Will Harvey, Harvey Hanna
  7. IFS Insurance (Platinum Foursome)
    1. Steve Burnett, IFS
    2. Matthew Wallace (guest)
    3. Pat Moran, McConnell Johnson
    4. Michael McConnell, McConnell Johnson
  8. WSFS Bank (Gold Foursome)
    1. Phil Hough, WSFS
    2. Ron Weingrad, WSFS
    3. Malina Robbins, WSFS
    4. Adrienne Casale, WSFS
  9. Waste Master Solutions (Gold Foursome)
    1. Rich Lober, Waste Masters
    2. Gordon Winegar, DSM Commercial
    3. Justin Masterson, Waste Masters
    4. Dan Wham, DSM Commercial
  10. Union Wholesale Company (Gold Foursome)
    1. Matt Graf, Union Wholesale Co.
    2. Tim Read, Delaware Health
    3. Bill Lewonas, Lenape Properties
    4. Jeff Wayland, Union Wholesale Co.
  11. Mitchell Associates (Corporate Foursome)
    1. Vicky Newton, Mitchell Assoc.
    2. Donna Bailey, Bently Mills
    3. John Raftery, Mitchell Assoc.
    4. Glenn Nichols - W.L. Gore
  12. Capano Management (Gold Foursome)
    1. Madison Rogers, Capano
    2. Phil Schneider, Capano/Operations
    3. Joe Kelly, Capano/Construction
    4. Mike Sciota III
  13. Bryn Mawr Trust (Gold Foursome)
    1. Jon Reese, BMT
    2. Trippe Wayman, Wayman Fire Protection
    3. Shawn William, BMT
    4. Cameron McDonald, BDO
  14. PCS (Gold Foursome)
    1. Jake Ruddy, PCS
    2. Vito DiMaio
    3. Steve Menozzi
    4. Rick Palacio
  15. The Commonwealth Group (Gold Foursome)
    1. Don Robitzer, TCG
    2. Kevin Quinn, TCG
    3. Bob Weller
    4. Tim Jones, TCG
  16. Healthcare Facilities Solutions (Gold Foursome)
    1. Dave Heaney, HFS
    2. Erich Bollman, SB Real Estate (Individual)
    3. Leigh Johnstone, Johnstone-Ilis
    4. Steve Kochie, WSFS Bank
  17. NAI Emory Hill Real Estate Services (Gold Foursome)
    1. Carmen Facciolo, NAI Emory Hill
    2. Edward Tarlov, Esq.
    3. Neil Kilian, NAI Emory Hill
    4. Mike Sicuranza, Affinity Wealth Mgmt.
  18. M&T Bank (Gold Foursome)
    1. Jessica Cowperthwait, M&T
    2. Jed Hatfield, Colonial Parking
    3. Bill Grasso, M&T
    4. Alan Perry, Montchanin 
  19. JLL - Jones Lang LaSalle (Premium Foursome)
    1. Blaise Fletcher, JLL
    2. Gene Delle Donne, Delle Donne &Assoc.
    3. Jamie Vari, JLL
    4. Gary Ciaffi, Delle Donne & Assoc.
  20. BrightFields, Inc. (Longest Putt - Foursome)
    1. Matt Brainard, BrightFields
    2. Steve Hunter, Wawa, Inc.
    3. Jerry Temple, BrightFields
    4. Brian Richards, M&T Bank
  21. Riper Riley Hollin & Cologreco (Corporate Foursome)
    1. Jonathan Jordan, RRHC
    2. Ron Schafer, The ONIX Group
    3. Dean Pletz, The ONIX Group
    4. Ann Rudolph, BB&T Bank
  22. MidCoast Community Bank (Corporate Foursome)
    1. Jeremy Abelson, MidCoast
    2. Jose Colon, Midcoast
    3. PJ Bale
    4. Joe Kokoszka
  23. Fulton Bank (Corporate Foursome)
    1. Janet Dougherty, Fulton Bank
    2. Jeremy Krabill, Fulton Bank
    3. Bill Keetley, Fulton Bank
    4. Murray Dingwall, Harvey Hanna & Associates
  24. GGA Construction (Corporate Foursome)
    1. Joanne Clark, GGA
    2. Lorraine Sheldon, NAI Emory Hill Real Estate Services
    3. Stephen Weick, GGA
    4. Bob Ruggio, Ruggio Associates
  25. SB Real Estate (Corporate Foursome)
    1. Paul Bryant, SBRE
    2. PJ Meyer, SBRE
    3. Zach Rempfer, SBRE
    4. Jen Corbett, SBRE
  26. VanDemark & Lynch (Corporate Foursome)
    1. Steve Johns, V&L
    2. Jim Hatfield, V&L
    3. Mark Russo, V&L
    4. Dave Sheeky, V&L
  27. Howard Bank - Ten Bears (Paired Foursome)
    1. Stewart Lee, Howard Bank
    2. David Kenney, Howard Bank
    1. Clay Greer, Ten Bears Environmental
    2. Brian Lutness, Silverman, McDonald & Friedman
  28. Paired Foursome
    1. Michael Vanderslice, Environmental Alliance
    2. Joe Ross, Environmental Alliance
    3. Jay White (Individual)
    4. Bert Root (Individual)
  29. Lang Development (Corporate Foursome)
    1. Alex Francescone, Lang Dev.
    2. Zach Nasseh, Lang Dev.
    3. Jack Brown, Lang Dev.
    4. Chris Locke, Lang Dev.
  30. Paired Twosomes
    1. Brian Cannelongo, Shore United Bank (Twosome)
    2. Tim Masters, Shore United Bank (guest) (Twosome)
    3. Lou Rosenburg, Mitchell Associates (Individual)
    4. Jerry Alfano, Wells Fargo (Individual)
  31. Paired Individuals
    1. Lou Stackeni, Applied Bank (Individual)
    2. Herb Hirzel, City Window Cleaning & Apex Pressure Washing (Individual)
    3. Nick Allen, Sonitrol Security (Twosome)
    4. Bob Arthur, Sonitrol Security (Twosome)




Thank you Sponsors!


Martin Architectural Group

DSM Commercial Real Estate Services

Harvey Hanna & Associates

Buccini/Pollin Group

44 Business Capital, a division of Berkshire Bank

IFS Insurance

Ross Capital Partners


Shore United Bank

Environmental Alliance

Berger Harris



Waste Master Solutions

Union Wholesale Company

Capano Management

Bryn Mawr Trust


Geo-Technology Associates

The Commonwealth Group

Healthcare Facilities Solutions

NAI Emory Hill Real Estate Services

M&T Bank


Sonitrol Security of Delaware Valley


JLL - Jones Lang LaSalle

Applied Bank

First State Elevator

Pettinaro Residential 

American Seaboard Exteriors

KCI Technologies

AOE - Advanced Office Environments


BrightFields, Inc. (Longest Putt)

Harvey Hanna & Associates (Hole in One)

Ten Bears Environmental (Closest to Pin)

American Seaboard Exteriors (Putting Challenge)

Marling's Emergency Water Removal (Longest Drive Men & Women)

(Closest to Pin) Your name here


Riper Riley Hollin & Cologreco

MidCoast Community Bank

Fulton Bank

GGA Construction

SB Real Estate 

Howard Bank 

VanDemark & Lynch

Mitchell Associates 

Lang Development 


Colonial Parking


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