CIRC News & June Events

CIRC Annual Golf Tourney - Monday, June 11

We are pleased to have a whopping 107 Golfers registered for a full day of golf & networking fun from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm at DuPont Country Club.

Non-golfers: REGISTER and come for Happy Hour and Dinner only!  Lots of great golfing camaraderie and a nice chance to smooze outdoors at the DuPont Country Club's rear Patio. So, please register now to attend the dinner only ($30 per person) if you can make it.

The golfers will begin coming off the course around 5:00, and the cash bar will be open from about 4:30.

The dinner (sponsored by WSFS Bank) will include lots of good BBQ foods and beverages!

Grilled Chicken Breasts, Hamburgers and Cheeseburgers, Bratwurst, Green Salad, Potato Salad, Brownies...
Happy Hour Beer Keg (is sponsorsed by IFS / Insurance and Financial Services )
Cash Bar Available for wine and cocktails if you prefer

Register NOW using the link below or go directly to our website at

CIRC Thanks its Sponsors!

Thanks to all of our TERRIFIC sponsors, we can guarantee a GREAT DAY of golfing and networking fun!

Have you signed up yet? We have a few more spots available. See list of Golfer below. (and Golfers, remember to give Janet your golfer names at ASAP!

Golfers, Start Your Engines!

We have a great day planned for you at DuPont Country Club's main championship course on Monday, June 11, with 107 golfer registered thus far.

Remember to send your golfer names to Janet at ASAP if you haven't already. An information package will be sent out on Wednesday to all golfers on record at that time.

(And, YES,  this means you: Dave H., Robert W., Dan J., Ann R., Kevin M., Steve L., Jim B., Larry M., Bruce F., Adrienne C., and Joe P.)

Later this week CIRC will pair up all twosomes and individuals who haven't already paired themselves. (Please feel free to reach out to one another if you see someone you'd like to pair up with, and let me know. Otherwise, we'll let you know later this week who is paired together.)

10:30 Practice Range Open (pick up balls at Pro Shop and drive to range)
11:00 Registration & Boxed Lunches (sponsored by Diamond State Mgmt)
12:00 Shotgun Start
5:00 Turn in Scorecards to the Pro
5:00 Happy Hour & Cash Bar, Putting Challenge Finale
5:30 BBQ Dinner on Patio
6:30 Awards Ceremony

Golfers Registered (as of June 3): 

1              Dave Heaney, HFS (
2              Bert Root, Newmark KFSM
3              HFS Foursome
4              HFS Foursome

5             Robert Wittig, Diamond State Management (
6              Wittig foursome
7              Wittig foursome
8              Wittig foursome

9            Jeremy Abelson, WSFS Bank (
10           Joe Walker
11           JB Kruzinski, WSFS Bank (
12           Ron Weingrad

13          Bruce FinnicumAOE (
14           Lou Rosenberg, Mitchell Associates (
15           AOE foursome
16           AOE foursome

17           Ryan Kennedy, Harvey Hanna (
18           Graham Munda
19           Harvey Hanna Foursome
20           Harvey Hanna Foursome

21           Dan Johnson, Young Conaway Stargatt Taylor (
22           YCST Foursome
23           YCST Foursome
24           YCST Foursome

25           Jerry Smith, Smith Realty Co. (
26           Pete Davisson, Jackson Cross Partners (
27           Ted Williams, LandmarkJCM (
28           Bob Ruggio, The Commonwealth Group (

29           Vicky Newton, Mitchell Associates (
30           Harvey Wishkoff
31           John Raftery, Mitchell Associates (
32           Jose Rodriguez

33           Don Robitzer, The Commonwealth Group (
34           Tim Jones, The Commonwealth Group (
35           Kevin Quinn, The Commonwealth Group (
36           Britt Mazzagatti, The Commonwealth Group (

37           Mike Vanderslice, Environmental Alliance (
38           Bill Smith, Environmental Alliance
39           Nate Edmunds, Applied Bank
40           Lou Stackeni, Applied Bank

41           Jed Hatfield, Colonial Parking (
42           Bill Parks, Colonial Parking (
43           Phil Hough, WSFS Bank (
44           Alan Perry, Montchanin Dev. (

45           Sharon Morgan, Fox Rothschild (
46           Clay Greer, Ten Bears Environmental (
47           Joe McAndrew, Ten Bears Environmental (
48           Margo Reign, Artisan's Bank (

49           Matt Brainard, GES (
50           Jen O'Reilly, GES (
51           Jeff Shahan, White Realty Assoc. (
52           Paul Bryant, Emory Hill (

53           Joe Piccirilli, TD Bank (
54           Dave Kenney, TD Bank (
55           TD Foursome
56           TD Foursome

57           Steve Lehm, Vandemark & Lynch (
58           Steve Johns, V&L (
59           V&L Foursome
60           V&L Foursome

61           Steve Dobraniecki, NAI Emory Hill (
62           Randy Bailey, Business Interiors & Supplies (
63           Bob Winter  (
64           Troy Stover, Rent-A-Crate (

65           Joanne Clark, Wilmot Modular (
66           Nancy Aquadro
67           James Cantllion (
68           Jay Powell

69           Michael Hahn, Capital Source (
70           Heath Kahrs, Santora CPA  Group (
71           Jon Hickey, NAI Emory Hill (
72           Rob Duke, Duke Consulting (

73           Ann Rudolph, Susquehanna Bank (
74           Ann Rodloph's foursome
75           Ann Rodloph's foursome
76           Ann Rodloph's foursome

77           Rich Gieseler, M&T Bank (
78           Adrienne Casale, M&T Bank (
79           M&T Bank Foursome
80           M&T Bank Foursome

81           Jeff Corey, Waste Masters Solutions (
82           Sean Healy, Healy, Long & Jevin
83           Steve Masterson, Waste Masters Solutions
84           Rich Lober, Waste Masters Solutions

85           Paul Foley, Walton Corporation (
86           Maureen Kelley, Walton Corporation
87           Hank Munyan, Walton Corporation
88           Bob Munyan, Walton Corporation 

89           Larry Maister, Brandywine Realty Trust (
90           BRT Twosome
91           Larry DiSabatino, DiSabatino Construction (
92           Jeff DiSabatino (

**  Twosomes & Individuals will be paired by CIRC by Thurs. 6/8 **         

93           Kevin McGonegal, Bellevue Realty Co. (
94           McGonegal's guest

95           Joe Jacobs, BRAVO! Building Services (
96           Bill Rankin

97           Jim Baker, MacIntosh Engineering (
98           MacIntosh twosome guest

99           Steve Paxton, Indoor Air Solutions (

100         Pam Paone, CADapult FM (

101         Jim O'Hara III, Emory Hill (

102         Neil Killian, Emory Hill (

103         Edd Connor, Emory Hill (

104         Mike Panhuise, Duffield Associates (

105         Joe Tuschinski, MGZA Architecture (

106         Herb Hirzel, City Window Cleaning (

107         Greg Ellis, Patterson Woods Commercial Prop. (      

UD Real Estate Symposium - June 14

TO: CIRC Members and Friends
FROM: David J. Wilk, CRE, MAI

The Real Estate Finance Program at the Lerner College of Business & Economics, and Sperry Van Ness, invite you to a morning of collaboration, innovative economic development strategies, and sharing creative real estate ideas.

UD Real Estate Breadfast Symposium
“Place-Making” Economic Development Strategies for Today’s Real Estate and Capital Markets
Hotel DuPont – June 14, 2012 (Thursday)

Welcoming Remarks by Governor Jack A. Markell
Registration & Netwroking 7:30 to 8:00 a.m.
Program and Panels – 8:00 to 10:00 a.m.
$35 Event fee (Includes Buffet Breakfast)

TO REGISTER:  E-mail or Call Brie at (302) 654-9923

Approval pending for 2 hours of CE credit\You may find this event on Facebook at the following link:

Warmest regards,

David J. Wilk, CRE, MAI | National Director | Sperry Van Ness
Professor & Co-Founder | Real Estate Finance Program | University of Delaware

Delaware R.E. Commission Hearing Outcome

Dear CIRC Members, Brokers and Sales Agents,
Thank you to all those who replied to the email regarding additional Continuing Education (CE) requirements.  We did get a significant response.   We also had people take time to actually provide reasons for their input, as opposed to just providing a one or two word answer. The overwhelming response to our neutral question was that people did not want the additional CE hours. In the responses that came to us, there was only one person "for" the additional hours.
Both of us made statements at the meeting for the record incorporating thoughts of many respondents.  We registered a clear "against." There were proponents for the additional hours at the meeting including educators, those who had participated on the committees, and others. They carried the day (and won the vote in favor or 21 hours of Continuing Education every two years, beginning May 1, 2012).

We would like to say a special thank you to Chris Whitfield of the Delaware Real Estate Commission who voted against the additional requirements. He provided great arguments and facts showing that he understood the information in detail, and he was not a shrinking violet in the face of many board members who were proponents. 

Again, thank you to all.
Greg Ellis, CIRC President
Dan Lesher, CIRC Chairman, Continuing Education Committee

A message to CIRC's leadership

TO: Dan Lesher and Greg Ellis
FROM: Leigh Johnstone

"Most of us have no idea as to how many long and frustrating hours they have and continue to spend representing all of us on the Commercial side of the Delaware Real Estate industry….It is through the selfless efforts of a few, like Dan & Greg, that the rest of us enjoy the benefits of being able to practice our profession with the protection of the highest possible regulatory standards but without the burden of meaningless and stifling government rules and regulations…

Thank You for your service to our CIRC community!!!

Governor Jack Markell Spoke to CIRC Members

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