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  1. ATTENDEES LIST for May 14 Annual Meeting & Luncheon 
  2. Welcome New CIRC Members
  3. Annual Meeting & Board Election on May 14 during Lunch
  4. Golf Outing in Full Swing ... thank you and ALL!
  5. Golfer Status for June 30 4-Man Scramble at Hartefeld National
  6. NEW: Wilmington Business Leaders Network - World Cafe Live at The Queen - Register Now!

May 14 Annual Meeting & Luncheon

Please register now to join us for our next member event:

Wednesday, May 14, 2014 (11:30 to 1:30 p.m.)
Annual Meeting and Membership Luncheon
Clarion Hotel-The Belle


A. Richard Heffron, President of The Delaware State Chamber of Commerce will provide the keynote speech at CIRC's Annual Meeting on May 14. Rich Heffron has spent the past 22 years as the Senior Vice President for Govenmental Affairs, and has recently been elected to lead the Chamber as President.

A Luncheon Buffet will be served with two Entrees (Chicken Marsala with Wild Mushrooms AND Fresh Filet of Flounder with Lemon Burre Blanc). Refer to the Meeting/Event page for full menu:

Register online or send email to


Speaker:  Richard Heffron  - Delaware State Chamber of Commerce, President 

Board Members Attending:  

Ex-Officio Board Members Attending:  


Welcome to New CIRC Members

At the quarterly meeting of the Membership Committee, the following applicants were  approved for new CIRC "Individual" Memberships: We look forward to welcoming:

Once their membership dues have been received, their contact information and Profile will be available in our online Membership Search Directoy (searchable by any part of a First, Last, or Company Name or by Type of Business). Just log in to access this Membership Benefit.

For Non-members that are interested in joining CIRC, please begin by filling out our online Membership Application:

Annual Meeting and Board Election

CIRC Members and Directors of the Board are asked to attend the Annual Meeting and Board Election held in conjunction with our May 14 Membership Luncheon.

Directors hold a two-year term, half of the 14 members are up for renewal on alternating odd/even years.

The current slate of board members to be elected to a new, two year term beginning on July 1, 2014 include:

1. Barry Snyder, Esq.
2. Carmen Facciolo
3. Jim Manna
4. Don Robitzer
5. Marvin Sachs
6. Rachael Justice
7. Greg Ellis

The officers to be elected to a new, one-year terms include:

1. John Birmingham, President
2. Bert Root, Vice President
3. Barry Snyder, Esq., Secretary
4. Katherine Silicato, CPA, Treasurer

The current board members whose terms expire on 6/30/15 include:

1. John Birmingham
2. Bert Root
3. Katherine Silicato, CPA
4. Jim O'Hara, Jr.
5. Benjamin "Buddy" Berger, Esq.
6. Jeremy Abelson, Esq.
7. Dan Lesher

Golf Outing in Full Swing...Thanks to Prime Sponsors

Corporate Sponsors

Tee and Hole Sponsors

Golfer Status - June 30 - Hartefeld National

Thank you golfers! We are currently taking names for a Waiting List only and are happy to do so if you are really bummed that you didn't get your money and registration in quickly enough.

Note, however, that many of the foursomes purchased by our members have not had golfers named yet. We will have a list of golf foursomes at the next lunch meeting on May 14 for your information and review.

What's the Secret to CIRC's Golf Success?

Is it...

1. Delaware’s Premier Business/Real Estate Networking Event?

2. Delaware's Best Booze & Smooze?


3. Bert Root is the Best darn Golf Chair ever?

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