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Jan. 14 Membership Lunch Registration Open

Register by 12:00 noon on Monday to attend our next Membership Luncheon on Wednesday, January 14 at the Clarion Belle. 

Governor Jack Markell will provide the keynote speech while we each lunch, providing plenty of time to finish lunch, socialize, and/or make some phone calls and get back to class by 1:30 p.m.

To REGISTER or get the complete menu and meeting details, go to our Meeting/Events web page:


ATTENDEES LIST for January 14 Luncheon

Speaker: Governor Jack A. Markell

Jeremy Abelson, JD - MidCoast Community Bank

Jerry Alfano, Jr.  - Wells Fargo Business Banking Group

Joe Allen  - Sonitrol Security of Delaware Valley

Dave Archer  -  DEDO (Business Dev. Leader for New Castle County)

Ann Bailey  - Emory Hill Real Estate Services, Inc.

Randy Bailey  - Business Interiors & Supplies

Jim Baker P.E. - MacIntosh Engineering, Inc.

Neeraj Batta P.E. - Batta Environmental

Buddy Berger Esq. - Berger Harris, LLC

Gary Betty  - Deaton McCue and Company, Inc.

John Birmingham  - Cushman & Wakefield of Delaware

Erich Bollman  - SB Real Estate LLC

Todd Breck  - Breckstone Architecture

Bryan Brockson  - EDiS Company

Chuck Brown MAI, CBA, CRS - Brown Appraisal Company

Paul Bryant SIOR - SB Real Estate LLC

Rudi Buetterich  - Guest / CFI Solar

Mike Burcham  - KCI Technologies, Inc.

Steve Burnett  - IFS - Insurance & Financial Services

Carmen Calderaro  - Collins Business Systems

Brian Cannelongo  - Bryn Mawr Trust Co.

Mel Carlton  - GSM Roofing

Adrienne Casale  - Lang Development Group

Patricia Coco  - Serenity One Source

Tim Cole  - Parke Bank

Claire Coleman  - Pace Properties, Inc.

Kim Connell  - First State Elevator, Inc.

Edd Connor  - NAI Emory Hill

Bob Cronin  - Patterson-Schwartz & Associates, Inc.

Michael Cutrona  - M&T Bank

Jon Czech  - Emory Hill Real Estate Services, Inc.

Brittany Danahy CCIM - DSM Commercial Real Estate

Pete Davisson SIOR, CCIM - Jackson Cross Partners

David DePetris  - Legend Properties, Inc.

Kevin DiSabatino  - DiSabatino Construction Company

Steve Dobraniecki  - NAI Emory Hill

Janet Dougherty  - Fulton Bank

Matthew Doyle  - WSI Powered by ASI

Emily Drake  - NAI Emory Hill

Gary Drumheller  - SC&A Construction, Inc.

Rich Dudek  - Patterson Woods Commercial Properties, L.L.C.

Chris Duke PE, PTOE - Becker Morgan Group

Greg Ellis CCIM - Patterson-Woods Commercial Properties

Jean Evans  - Pace Properties, Inc.

Ernie Felici  - Cushman & Wakefield

Colleen Fernsler  - Jones Lang LaSalle

Cindy Fleming  - Jones Lang LaSalle

Andy Fox  - DSM Commercial Real Estate

Ed Fronczkowski  - Maillie LLP

Mike Gallo  - American Seaboard Exteriors

Bill Ganc  - Ganc Commercial Realty, LLC

Pat Gioffre  - Gioffre Commercial Realty, LLC

Geoff Grosso Esq. - Tarabicos Grosso, LLP

Mike Hahn  - CapitalSource | a div. of Pacific Western Bank

Tom Hanna  - Harvey, Hanna & Associates

Tom Hannagan  - Virtus Realty Advisors of Delaware, LLC

Jed Hatfield  - Colonial Parking, Inc.

Dave Heaney  - Healthcare Facilities Solutions, Inc.

Scott Hecht  - Alliance Environmental Systems, Inc.

Mary Ann Heesters  - Patterson Woods Commercial Properties

Doug Hershman Esq. - Bayard, P.A.

Reggie Hill  - Floor Covering Services & Consultants, Inc.

Herb Hirzel  - City Window Cleaning, Inc.

Phil Hough  - WSFS Bank

Ed Jackson  - Affinity Energy Management, LLC

Mike Janis  - RCI Printing & Graphics

Andrew Jenkins P.E. - Duffield Associates

Steve Johns P.E. - VanDemark & Lynch, Inc.

Leigh Johnstone  - Johnstone & ILIS, LLC

Bruce Jones  - PNC Real Estate

Tim Jones Esq. - The Commonwealth Group

Casey Kenton CCIM - Investors Realty, Inc.

Kris Khadar  - Capital One Bank

Janet Killian  - Gemini Janitorial Services

Nick Kokkoris  - Clark, Baffone & Matthews

Tom Kovach  - A. M. Saccullo Legal

Dave Kramer  - Bayshore Transportation

Joe Latina  - Patterson Woods Commercial Properties

Dana LeSage P.E. - Berkshire Energy Partners LLC

Dan Lesher  - Patterson-Woods Commercial Properties

Rich Lober  - Waste Masters Solution

Roy Locker  - Locker Construction, Inc.

Mike Lockwood  - CMI Solar & Electric

Art Lodge  - Applied Bank

Jeanine Losino  - REGUS

Bill Lower  - Harvey, Hanna & Associates

Andy Lubin  - University of Delaware

Larry Maister  - Brandywine Realty Trust

Jim Manna  - BrightFields, Inc.

Britt Mazzagatti  - The Commonwealth Group

Rob McGarrigle  - Stoltz Management

Kevin McGonegal  - Bellevue Realty Company

Melinda McGuigan  - EDiS Company

Carol McKennon  -

Tony Medori  - Medori Commercial Realty

Susan Miller  - Sales Solutions / Gioffre Commercial Realty

Chris Moore  - Patterson-Woods Commercial Properties

Gregg Moore PE - Becker Morgan Group

Paul Morrill  - Committee of 100

Dave Morrison CCIM - NAI Emory Hill

Bob Munkittrick  - SB Real Estate LLC

John Newcomer, Jr. Esquire - Morris James LLP

Vicky Newton  - Mitchell Associates, Inc.

Doug Nickel  - Integra Realty Resources - Wilmington-DE

Jim O'Hara, Jr.  - NAI Emory Hill - Retail Division

Denis O'Sullivan  - SouthBank Associates

Steve Paxton  - Indoor Air Solutions, Inc.

Alan Perry  - Montchanin Development Group, Ltd.

Lex Petrillo  - Long & Foster Real Estate

Janet Pippert  - CIRC / Landmark Science & Engineering

Buzz Quillen  - H.H. Quillen & Company

Kevin Quinn  - The Commonwealth Group

John Raftery  - Mitchell Associates, Inc.

Margo Reign  - OEIP

Chris Reith  - Geo-Technology Associates, Inc.

Brian Richards  - Santander Bank

Jill Riley IIDC Assoc. - Cooperson Associates

Don Robitzer  - The Commonwealth Group

Drew Romanic  - Martin Architectural Group

Bert Root  - Harvey Hanna & Associates

Denise Ross  - Brandywine Realty Trust

Joe Rossi  - Environmental Alliance, Inc.

Marjorie Rothberg AIA - Marjorie Rothberg Architecture

Joe Ruggerio  - ARG Communications

Mark Russo  - VanDemark & Lynch, Inc.

Tony Santoro  - Sonitrol Security of Delaware Valley

Jeff Sellers  - Montgomery Brothers, Inc.

Brent Shaffer Esq. - Young Conaway Stargatt & Taylor, LLP

Jeff Shahan  - SB Real Estate LLC

Lorraine Sheldon  - NAI Emory Hill

David Shepherd  - Delaware Offices

Kathi Silicato  - Gunnip & Company LLP

Dev Sitaram  - Karins and Associates

Jerry Smith  - Smith Realty Company

Craig Smith  - Landmark Science & Engineering

Doug Snyder  - Snyder Management

Nate Sorenson RPA - Sovereign Property Management

Alan Spiro  - Diversified Properties, Inc.

Jim Tancredi  - DSM Commercial Real Estate

Harry Thomes  - Jones Lang LaSalle

Andrea Tinianow  - Delaware, Corporate and International Development

Mike Vanderslice  - Environmental Alliance, Inc.

Jamie Vari  - Jones Lang LaSalle

Paul Watts  - Brandywine Realty Trust

Tripp Way  - DSM Commercial Real Estate

Doug Whalen Esq. - Wells Fargo

Andrew White  - DSM Commercial Real Estate

Martha White  - EDiS Company

Meredith Wickersham  - Apex Engineering, Inc.

David Wilkinson  - Wells Fargo

Ted Williams P.E. - Landmark Science & Engineering

Gordon Winegar  - DSM Commercial Real Estate

Matt Youngs  - Batta Environmental

Donna Davies - M&T Bank

Jonathan Diamond - Wells Fargo

John Johnson, PLS - Karins and Associates

Robert Holden

Keith Starace - Cort Rental Furniture

Carol Ohm, P.E. - Apex Engineering Inc. (repl. Steve Davies)

Ryan McNiff - Verizon

Jean Elliott - Kencor Elevator

Betsy Kennedy - Kencor Elevator

Barry Snyder, Esq. - Snyder & Associates


Continuing Education Registration Open (Modules 2 & 3)

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Clarion Hotel-The Belle, New Castle, DE 19720

Stay for lunch:  Governor Jack A. Markell will offer keynote speech during our members luncheon between the two classes. You can register while signing up/paying for classes, or you can visit our Meetings/Events page to register between now and the event date.

or Register online or view our Continuing Education schedule (Online)


ATTENDEES LIST - Continuing Education - Jan. 14

The list below has been updated as of Jan. 12 at noon. We have only a couple of seats remaining, so if you still wish to take advantage of getting a fresh start at the beginning of our program for Delaware license renewals due 4/30/16, please register without delay and/or contact Janet@circdelaware.org to see if space is available.

  January 14, 2015
Attendee Name AM / Mod. 2 / Ethics Lunch PM / Mod. 3 / Contracts / Law
Bailey, Ann H. 8:30 AM Lunch 1:30 PM
Betty, Gary M. 8:30 AM Lunch 1:30 PM
Birmingham III, John Q. 8:30 AM Lunch 1:30 PM
Bollman, Erich 8:30 AM Lunch 1:30 PM
Bryant, Paul 8:30 AM Lunch 1:30 PM
Coleman, Claire 8:30 AM Lunch 1:30 PM
Connor Jr., Edward F. 8:30 AM Lunch 1:30 PM
Cresswell, David 8:30 AM   1:30 PM
Czech, Jon 8:30 AM   1:30 PM
Danahy, Brittany 8:30 AM Lunch 1:30 PM
Dangello, Neal 8:30 AM   1:30 PM
Davisson, Pete 8:30 AM Lunch 1:30 PM
DePetris, David 8:30 AM Lunch 1:30 PM
Drake, Emily 8:30 AM Lunch 1:30 PM
Drake, Leslie M. 8:30 AM   1:30 PM
Dudek, Jr, Richard E. 8:30 AM Lunch 1:30 PM
Elliman, William B. 8:30 AM   1:30 PM
Ellis, J. Gregory 8:30 AM Lunch 1:30 PM
Evans, Jean M. 8:30 AM Lunch 1:30 PM
Facciolo Jr., Carmen J.      
Felici Jr., Ernest G. 8:30 AM Lunch 1:30 PM
Fernsler, Colleen   Lunch 1:30 PM
Fincher, William W. 8:30 AM   1:30 PM
Fizzano, Jim 8:30 AM   1:30 PM
Fleming, Cynthia D. 8:30 AM Lunch 1:30 PM
Ganc, William 8:30 AM Lunch 1:30 PM
Hanna, Thomas J. 8:30 AM Lunch  
Hannagan, Jr.,  H. Thomas 8:30 AM Lunch 1:30 PM
Harrington, Rebecca K. 8:30 AM   1:30 PM
Heaney, David 8:30 AM Lunch 1:30 PM
Heesters, Mary Ann D. 8:30 AM Lunch 1:30 PM
Hickey, Jonathan     1:30 PM
Johnstone, Leigh 8:30 AM Lunch 1:30 PM
Kelly, Martin 8:30 AM   1:30 PM
Kenton, Casey 8:30 AM Lunch 1:30 PM
Latina, II, Joseph S. 8:30 AM Lunch 1:30 PM
Lesher, H. Daniel 8:30 AM   1:30 PM
Lott, III, H. Hunter 8:30 AM   1:30 PM
Lubin, Andrew 8:30 AM Lunch 1:30 PM
Maister, Lawrence 8:30 AM Lunch 1:30 PM
McGonegal, Kevin 8:30 AM Lunch  
Meyer, Peter 8:30 AM Lunch 1:30 PM
Miller, Susan M.   Lunch 1:30 PM
Moore, Christopher 8:30 AM Lunch 1:30 PM
Morrison Sr., David R. 8:30 AM Lunch 1:30 PM
Muellenberg, David 8:30 AM    
O'Hara, III, James M. 8:30 AM   1:30 PM
O'Hara, Jr., James M. 8:30 AM Lunch 1:30 PM
O'Hara, Kevin P. 8:30 AM   1:30 PM
O'Sullivan, Denis P. 8:30 AM Lunch 1:30 PM
Perry, Alan 8:30 AM Lunch  
Petrillo, Alexander 8:30 AM Lunch 1:30 PM
Quillen III, Herschell H. 8:30 AM Lunch 1:30 PM
Root, Albert (Bert) 8:30 AM Lunch 1:30 PM
Ross, Denise 8:30 AM Lunch 1:30 PM
Sellers, Jeff 8:30 AM   1:30 PM
Shahan, Jeff 8:30 AM Lunch 1:30 PM
Sheldon, Lorraine 8:30 AM Lunch 1:30 PM
Smith, Jerome T. 8:30 AM Lunch 1:30 PM
Smith, Rodney W. 8:30 AM Lunch 1:30 PM
Snyder, Douglas B. 8:30 AM Lunch 1:30 PM
Stella, Robert 8:30 AM   1:30 PM
Tancredi, Jim  8:30 AM Lunch 1:30 PM
Thomes, Harry     1:30 PM
Undorf, Mark E. 8:30 AM Lunch 1:30 PM
Van Horn, Kelly 8:30 AM    
Vari, Jamie V. 8:30 AM Lunch 1:30 PM
Watts, Paul 8:30 AM Lunch 1:30 PM

Russell, William   -              / 1:30 PM
Medori Tony -        Lunch  / 1:30 PM
Charles Brown - 8:30 AM / Lunch / 1:30 PM
Gordon Winegar - 8:30 AM / Lunch

Registration is still open with limited seating remaining for classes and lunch. Use links below:


Welcome New Members

Andy Fox, DSM Commercial Real Estate
Daniel Wham, DSM Commercial Real Estate
Jerry Alfano, Jr., Wells Fargo Business Banking Group
Liza Brisbin, Dare Living Associates
Anthony Casale - Casale Construction
Seth DeForest, CFI-The Knoll Source
Phil Hough, Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB
Jonathan Jordan, Esq., Riley Riper Hollin & Colagreco
Dana LeSage, P.E., Berkshire Energy Partners, LLC
Brian Richards, Santander Bank, Commercial Banking
Mark Russo, RLA, VanDemark & Lynch, Inc.
Keith Starace, Cort Furniture Rental

2015 Membership Renewal Due January 1

Please keep your CIRC membership in good standing.  2015 membership renewal is now due and payable:

Otherwise, invoices for the regular renewal dues of $80 will be sent to you via E-mail in January. 

Access to business and government leaders
Relevant speakers and topics of interest
Business relationship / networking opportunities at lunch, dinner and golf events
Free Member Profile Listing
Member Search Directory (online) allows searching by any part of a first, last, or company name, or by type of business
Continuing Education program that provides accreditation for real estate licensees in DE, PA, MD, and NJ
Access to leases, legislative affairs representation, and more
Advertising and sponsorship opportunities to help promote your business
Free Hyperlink to your company's website from our "Member Links" web page
Notices and Newsletters (from Newsletter@circdelaware.org) and access to meeting attendee lists


Annual Economic Forecast - February Membership Meeting

SAVE THE DATE:  February 11, 2015 (Wed.)

Please join us in welcoming Augustine (Gus) Faucher, Vice President and Senior Macroeconomist for The PNC Financial Services Group for our Annual Economic Forecast meeting. We would like to thank Bruce Jones and Jeff Bierlein, CIRC members from PNC Bank, for arranging to bring a high level economist to us.

Gus is responsible for contributing to PNC's U.S. economic forecast and alternative economic scenarios. In addition, he contributes to PNC's National Economic Outlook, Economic Releases, Market Expectations Survey, and Economic Outlook Survey of Small Busines Owners report. Faucher is frequently cited in international, national and regional media outlets. He has appeared on ABC World News, CBS Evening News, and NBC Nightly News, and is featured on CNBC, CNN, and Fox Business. He has also appeared on public radio's All Things Considered andMarketplace. He earned a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Pennsylvania. He also has an A.B. in economics from Cornell University.