Golf Foursome-Pairings List for June 29 Hartefeld National Golf Outing

Golf Foursome Pairings (as of June 26, 2015)

Please contact Janet at with changes or additions to your golf foursome.

We will provide all names to the Golf Pro on Friday, June 26, but if you make any changes to your foursome after that, please continue to inform Janet at or by phone/text at 302-633-1705.

We currently have three people on the waiting list.

Bert Root             - Harvey Hanna & Associates     Foursome-1
Ryan Kennedy   - Harvey Hanna Foursome           
Tom Hanna        - Harvey Hanna Foursome           
Perry Mace        - Harvey Hanna Foursome      

John Birmingham   - Cushman & Wakefield             Foursome-2
Chris Messick        - Cushman & Wakefield                
John Derham         - Cushman & Wakefield                
Ernie Felici           - Cushman & Wakefield                
Mike Vanderslice - Environmental Alliance             Foursome-3
Joe Rossi              - Environmental Alliance             
Blaise Fletcher     - Jones Lang LaSalle                     
Jamie Vari            - Jones Lang LaSalle                     
Richard Roux         - Info Solutions, LLC                 Foursome-4
Brett Wallace         - Morgan Stanley
Matthew DiGiulio  - Info Sol. Foursome
John Panico            - Info Sol. Foursome
Andrew Levin    - M&T Bank                                  Foursome-5
Gene Delle Donne   - DelleDonne & Associates     
Rich Gieseler      - M&T Bank
Gary Ciaffi              - DelleDonne & Associates           
Tripp Way         - DSM Commercial                        Foursome-6
Robert Wittig     - Diamond State Management 
Brittany Danahy - DSM Commercial 
Jim Tancredi      - DSM Commercial  
J.B. Kruzinski      - WSFS Bank                               Foursome-7
Phil Hough           - WSFS Bank       
Joe Walker           - WSFS Bank            
Ryan Schlegel      - WSFS Bank          
David Heaney     - Healthcare Facility Solutions      Foursome-8
Leigh Johnstone - Johnstone & Iles               
Frank Vassallo   - Fusco Management               
George Quinn    - CBM Insurance                    
Ann Rudolph    - Susquehanna Bank                         Foursome-9
Donna Bailey    -  Bently Mills
Rich Tocci        - Susquehanna Bank
Dan Martelli - Bestfield Builders      
Paul Bryant           - SB Real Estate                           Foursome-10
Jeff Shahan           - SB Real Estate                 
Bob Munkittrick  - SB Real Estate                 
Jon Jordan, Esq.  - Riper Riley Hollins & Cologreco
Clay Greer     - Ten Bears Env. Associates              Foursome-11
Bob Suppe     - RC Fabricators 
Scott Sherr     - Diamond State Recycling
Brian Lutness - Silverman & McDonald
Rich Lober           - Waste Masters Solutions          Foursome-12
Jeff Mitchell        - Siegfried Group
Steve Kochie       - M&T Bank
Steve Masterson  - Waste Masters Solutions                   
Charlie Liggan     - Sobieski Life Safety                 Foursome-13
John Skeparnias   - Emory Hill         
Jon Czech            - Emory Hill         
Steve Chubb        - Sobieski Life Safety      
Steve Johns        - VanDemark & Lynch                Foursome-14
Doug Eitelman   - VanDemark & Lynch
Mark Russo        - VanDemark & Lynch
Scott Deisher      - V&L guest
Janet Dougherty  - Fulton Bank                             Foursome-15
Katie Wilkinson - Fulton Bank            
Kathy Corcoran - Fulton guest      
TBD 4        
Michael Hahn    - CapitalSource Bank                      Foursome-16
Rich Newman    - Commercial Capital Network   
Andy Fox           - DSM Commercial Realty
Doug Whalen      - Citizens Bank        
Brett DiClemente - Newmark Grubb Knight Mack   Foursome-17
Patrick Duffy       - Chatham Bay Group
Ryan Boll            - Chatham Bay Group
Jay Freebery        - Chatham Bay Group
Carmen Facciolo - NAI Emory Hill                          Foursome-18
Jed Hatfield         - Colonial Parking             
Dave Morrison    - NAI Emory Hill                 
Neil Kilian           - NAI Emory Hill                 

Lou Stackeni       - Applied Bank                             Foursome-19
Chris Datz           - Washington Square Realty Capital
Michael Burcham  - KCI Technologies             
Greg Elllis             - Patterson Woods                                  
Jeffrey Lang        - Lang Development Group        Foursome-20
Adrienne Casale  - Lang Development Group         
Dan Freeman      - LDG guest              
Chris Brown       - Lang Development Group
Kevin Quinn       - The Commonwealth Group        Foursome-21
Dennis Barba     - The Commonwealth Group      
Herm Munsta     - The Commonwealth Group      
Erich Bollman    - SB Real Estate
Kevin DiSabatino   - DiSabatino Construction        Foursome-22
Larry DiSabatino    - DiSabatino Construction       
Ted Williams          - Landmark Science & Eng.    
Pete Davisson         - Jackson Cross Partners              
Steve Burnett    - IFS Insurance                             Foursome-23
Scott Johnson    - McConnell Johnson      
Ron Myers        - Eastern States Development            
Ed Capodanno  - Del. Chapter Associated Builders & Contractors              
Joe Piccirilli       - TD Bank                                  Foursome-24
Matt Lantagne    - TD Bank             
Dave Kenney      - TD Bank          
Jimmy Jarrell      - TD Bank           

Vicky Newton    - Mitchell Associates                 Foursome-25
John Raftery       - Mitchell Associates       
Colleen Fernsler - Jones Lang LaSalle
TBD 4                 
Anthony Manerchia  - Bryn Mawr Trust             Foursome-26
Jon Reese                  - BMT           
Jim Doyle                 - BDO          
Cameron McDonald - BDO            

Joy Barrist               - Benesch Law                     Foursome -27
Jason Dempsey       - Dempsey Development & Brokerage                          
Stephen Ferguson   - Benesch Law                        
Jim Manna              - BrightFields, Inc. 

Sally Prendergast    - Pettinaro Relocation               Twosome-6
Nancy Fleming        - Town of Whitehall                Twosome-6          
Jay White                 - Apex Realty                          Twosome-5
Kevin McGonegal   - Bellevue Realty                     Twosome-5  

Rich Commo          - Unlimited Restoration, Inc.    Twosome-4
Tony Salvatore       - Crozer Health Systems          Twosome-4
Andy Schaffer        - BrightFields, Inc.                   Twosome-7
Brian Richards       - M&T Bank                             Twosome-7

Individuals and Groups to be Paired


Peter Wilner  - Ten Bears Environmental              Individual
Matt Jones             - BrightFields, Inc.                   Individual
Paul  Wagner        - ServPro                                   Individual
Nathan Edmunds - Wells Fargo                             Individual
Melinda McGuigan - EDiS Company                    Individual


Not to worry...we'll try our darndest to get you placed as the outing and its golfers are firmed up:

Brian Cannelongo - CNB Bank                              Individual
Shawn Heller - Wells Fargo                                    Individual
Lorraine Sheldon - NAI Emory Hill                       Individual